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“This sounds really exciting, I literally can’t wait” - everyone who clicked 'read more'

YYC Storage Calgary - company founders Trevor Loose and Torey Celinskis

Definitely not what a couple of storage moguls should look like

A big warm welcome from Torey and Trevor (the founders, and also phone reps, delivery drivers, bloggers, and beard enthusiasts) pictured above. We’re glad we managed to get you this far! We know the idea of a storage blog sounds like a bit of a snooze, but we want ours to be the opposite - light and entertaining, helpful and informative. An outlet that allows us to cover a lot of different interesting topics. We’re not afraid to poke fun at ourselves and our industry and throw in some jokes or a bit of edginess where we can. And while this is the YYC Storage blog (so we can’t promise we won’t pump our own tires) we’ll do our best to be relevant so you’re not reading one big advertisement.

We'll try to post once or twice a week - here's an idea of some of the exciting content and topics you can expect:

YYC Influencers and Entrepreneurs

Behind every entrepreneur, online personality or small business there’s a fascinating story. We love this city and the people in it, and so we want to work to bring you original content from interesting people. Our posts may come in the form of an interview, business/guest profiles, or guest contributed content. With a focus on the city of Calgary and any industry in it there should be a little bit of something for everyone.

Charity Spotlight

Calgary has lots of fantastic charities and organizations dedicated to helping Calgarians in need. We want to spotlight some of these fantastic stories, because every little bit of awareness helps! Sneak peek at our first charity post: Charity Spotlight: Goodwill Industries of Alberta.

What's In Your Box

YYC Storage Calgary - Cute Dog in a storage box

Please don't store your dog with us (if you want them back)

We have had an exciting launch, met some amazing people and have seen some very creative ways to use our service. When we come across a new and interesting way to use our service we will put together a post about it and the people behind it.

Home Organization and Design Tips

We'll be putting up articles and tips on everything from home organization ideas, DIY projects, interior design ideas, and more. Probably also a lot of links to Apartment Therapy.

Storage, Packing and Moving Tips

YYC Storage Calgary will make self storage easy with pick up and delivery of your storage boxes

Don't end up looking like this guy (at least he has a beer)

A clean living space is critical, and studies have shown that living clutter free can decrease stress and improve productivity. You can read the Princeton study yourself, but unless you are interested in Neuroscience or just like wasting an afternoon you probably won’t. So take our word for it, and watch out for our easy to read articles and tips on best practices for donating unused items, packing items for storage and downsizing tips.

YYC Storage Specific Content

We have some amazing business partnerships and would love to share the stories behind them. Under this heading we will post about new and updated features of our business, charity or business partnerships, and introduce you to the YYC Storage team.

Storage Industry & Customer Statistics

Maybe it’s just us (fine, definitely just us), but the storage industry is a surprisingly interesting industry. Such as...ok, ok, we're still working on this topic. If we come across something interesting and worthy of its own post we will share it. Oh, and we might post some Storage Wars-esq posts on interesting items found in storage units. Not our units, though. We keep our customers’ storage a secret, unless they really want to share.

Entrepreneurship Focused Content

Every entrepreneur and small business runs into hiccups and comes across new issues. We will be putting together a series of posts that focus on issues we have had and the lessons we have learned that could be useful to you.

Contests and Giveaways

YYC Storage Calgary and the popcorn contest - guess how much fits in our storage boxes?

If you're curious, turns out you can fit around 12,600 kernels of popcorn into a YYC Storage box

Everyone loves a good contest, and free stuff even more. We’ll try have some interesting giveaways, contests, or maybe a good old fashioned guessing game so we can pretend we’re all kids again.


We'll be adding more content and new articles every week, so please check us out as often as you can and share our posts on social media if you like them! If you’ve made it this far, we appreciate it and we hope you don’t use the comments section to ask for the last 5 minutes of your life back. Hope to see you back soon for our next post!